A few weeks ago, I got a pop up message, a photo memory alert, watching through the picture slides, I almost had a tear drop. Memories about my last trip, the one right before the Covid worldwide shut down. For a moment in time, I was living vicariously through the pictures, feeling grateful to have explored this part of the world. Let me gist you about this trip, an amazing discovery of the Caribbean islands – St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Upon landing all I could see was water, blue waters like in the magazines and travel websites. The trip from the airport to the hotel was quite unique, cars had the wheels to the right and the road curves were steep, but the driver knew the island well. The street food was as good as one would expect. The people are welcoming, and treat you like family. Hairoun or strong rhum punch are a classic order at the bars, taste great, quite in expensive and will get you buzzing in minutes. 

For such a small island there is so much to visit and we had to do it ALL. From the Downview water fall; the site visit of the pirate of the Caribbean movie set; Panoramic view of Vincy from Fort Charlotte; the botanical garden, the market, the village… name it, we did it! One of my own personal achievement: climbing up Mount La Soufriere. In the evening we hit the town for the night life; not very busy, yet much fun. We mingled, danced with the locals and enjoyed our time.

Beach days were memorable; we went to a different beach each time, there are so many and are all fascinating. A real escapade, where fantasies become. I only had to close my eyes to feel the waves lift my heavy bum a few metres and have sand fill the inner most parts of me. 

Being there, with people of the same colour as me, yet being different. However listening to their history and stories… a revelation of shared valued was imminent. 

From the country side through the smaller islands we visited, the people are welcoming. I was amazed not to say flabbergasted at their kindness and hospitality. Genuine interest in knowing the person(me), discover where you come from and share with you how they live as locals on the island, a beauty as is. Yes, they too stay amazed about the beauty of the Island and all that it offers. Their kindness and simplicity in loving life touched me immensely and I could not be more grateful for this travel experience.

Thinking back about how enlightening this trip was, I asked: why do people like myself not travel more ?

Is it in our culture ? I remember when I was younger, if ever we travelled out of town, we will go to our own house in the village; In cities where we had no house, we stayed at a family member’s home; a house my parent believed we will be treated same as home. How does this then translate to us immigrants today around the world?

The cliché :  black people don’t travel !?! 

The stigma that Africans do not travel to places especially where they have no family maybe true. We are not accustomed to it; it is not just in our culture. Traveling to place you know no one could be scary. Could the cost of travelling be a reason ? Travelling has an expensive connotation to it! I am sure most people think they don’t have the finances for it! Often, guilt may arise if money is spent on a vacation rather than sent back home to help family, buy land (the new « it » project ), build on land and or invest in a project.

Our culture evolves and it is being redefined through generations. We as millennials have broken those mindless boundaries with the usage of social media in our daily routines.

Millennial + Social Media = YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Social media has reformed our culture and cultivated our interest for travelling. As millennials, we have opened our minds to new horizons and travel possibilities. This is true, especially since social media has demystified travelling to new places where you know no one, and sometimes not even the language. Seeing on social media, young energetic, vibrant persons like yourself travelling and going to places; is all the boost and inspiration one needs to feel like I can do it too.

Us millennial we care about our self quite a lot; we are conscious about our well being: psychological and mental. In search of our true selves, we are opened to do more fun stuffs. Our parents had a mindset of their own: they cared about others more than themselves. We are financially independent at a younger age compared to our parents; plus we also have less responsibilities when it comes to taking care of other family members.

Does this makes us SELFISH ? YES, selfish and narcissistic. We always have to be the prettiest, we want the best thing for us, have the latest make up, latest iPhone, drive the best car and the reason: you got to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

Would we have it any other way? I can only answer for me: no, yes, maybe, depends 😉

Being a black tourist has brought me much fun memories and experiences. I wouldn’t want my money back. Getting to know new people, make new friends, discover places, learn about new culture… knowing more is enriching. Travelling is now part of my self care routine. Being relaxed, distracted from real life hardship for a moment in time is an opportunity I most value and do not take for granted.

Carine Blog
Carine Blog

\\Top of the Mount La Soufriere

Downview Waterfall

St. Vincent Parrot
St. Vincent Parrot

The national Parrot in its colours

Botanical Garden Findings

Vincy Panoramic View
Vincy Panoramic View


14 thoughts on “BEING A BLACK TOURIST

  1. Yves Christian Tchatchouang dit :

    I just love the flow of the story. I was
    reading it and couldn’t stop. I could feel
    my self at the authors place. I could also
    relate many events to my last trip
    before the COVID.
    Really thank FAMEAMAZONE for
    share this little article which gave a
    smile, little bit of joy and brought lovely
    memories back.

    1. admin dit :

      Our pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it 😊

  2. la PDG dit :

    je nai pas tout compris dans le texte
    mais jai retenu kil faut bcp voyager☺️

    1. admin dit :

      C’est l’essentiel 😉

  3. Armelle dit :

    Woooow!! Covid please just pack ur
    bags and leave! I already have my
    next enjoyment destination

  4. Anonyme dit :

    I would say african people are more
    concerned instead of black people .

  5. Vivie Audrey dit :

    I love this article! First of all, it makes me
    want to travel to Saint Vincent and the
    Grenadines! From what you described, it
    seems to be a great destination to visit! I love
    the pictures! The island looks so beautiful! I
    am putting it on my travel destinations list! I
    also loved how this article educated us about
    why some people in our community don’t
    travel to new destinations and how it
    demystified some of those reasons and
    encouraged us all to travel by mentioning
    some of the benefits of traveling. Traveling is
    really therapeutic. Thank you for this great

  6. Julien dit :

    while reading your blog, I was reminiscing about the last time I travelled abroad, the
    perks of vacation, disconnect from the weekly 9 to 5 toll and being worry-free💆🏾‍♂️….
    Quite nostalgic about that era. Pardon my vocabulary, but it feels like it was a decade
    away! 😂

    I really hope we get back to something more normal sooner. This pandemic (new word
    in my vocabulary/dictionary since March 2021 😅) is taking a heavy toll on ALL
    regardless of anything!

    I had the erronous assumption that being a black tourist is something I couldn’t
    consciously tap into. It felt too distant for me to grasp. The thoughts of : “Why would I
    spend my hard earn dollar(s) on leisure travelling”, “I Should invest on other projects
    and reward myself when I get closer to retirement or a better financial situation”, “It
    too expensive for me”, “I won’t benefit anything from this”, “it a waste of money” etc

    After reading this article, I’m very much looking forward to reconsider and educate
    myself on the topic. I neglected the benefits and kept a tunnel vision towards false
    illusions . After all, as you said, we only live once.

    There’s a pickup line I remember from a TV commercial saying “Nous sommes la
    somme de nos expériences”. I very much like to quote it. We look at life through the
    lenses of our parents, our friends, our colleagues and social media to create our own. I
    believe those lenses shaped how we live.

    I’m glad and thankful for reading this article, it cleared a few blur from my sight.
    Thank you for sharing

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  12. Mark dit :

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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